Eulogy to a fallen king

Remember the days of Sand Castles? Vast, unexplored swathes of un-arable lands awaiting the touch of the magic of a Genie. The whole territory of nothingness belonged to you -King of Nothing, a proud title mind you. And you ruled the lands with the goodness of a divine king-created entire societies and civilizations, delivered justice with morality and set examples for all your subjects. It was a happy holiday home- a place you could visit in good times and bad.

But those days are long gone now. The real world came up with fancy tools like mobile phones, internet and social network and now your land of nothing is chided in public. You are not allowed to have that secret to yourself. It is either frowned upon or discussed anonymously on social networks where it is already conquered by majoritarian democracy. You are no longer a king. Your words carried little value in the real life ever since your birth and now even the virtual world scrutinizes your thoughts- they are filtered while passing through the democratic tools of likes, upvotes and re-tweets. You must join the united clamour of the republic to hear yourself. Maybe that cheer will make you feel important. Maybe you will go home with the feeling of being a contributing force in society once the demonstrations are over. But you already know that does not change the reality. You are no longer a king. No laws were pass against your unalienable right to kingship of nothingness, no revolutions took place in your lands- your title was taken away through non-violent, democratic means. How mighty a fall! The ruins of your castles of Sand still lie as dunes awaiting winds to dissolve them in the ocean of Nothing with passing time. No falling star foretold this destruction as it used to in the fables. Nothing really worked and you could have done little in any case to change course.
Here is your new title- a citizen in the land of nothingness and a speck of dust in reality.

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