The Media and the Mind

Listening to Marlon Brando’s speech on the Dick Cavett show was humbling. His rejection of the Oscar might have been the single most powerful moment that altered how Hollywood portrays different cultures. Perhaps, it would also become the seeding idea that led to mindless “PC-culture”, as some like to call it.

Of course the world is a different place now. A lot more noisier and a lot more crowded. The same act would perhaps not have the impact. The silence engulfing the world back then was broken at the alter of its largest and most worshiped temple.

It is acts of such courage what distinguishes greatness from intelligence. Kindness and virtue far surpass any gift that nature bestows upon us. On the path to growing up, we forget the hollowness inside us- and learn to live with it. Laughing with the crowd, dancing with the music and moving with the rhythm- all that feeble voice is ashamed to wake us up from the drunken ecstasy.

The Lusty Argonian Maid

My sleep schedule is greatly hampered with all the lockdown. Last night I thought of translating and drafting the popular tale of “The Lusty Argonian Maid” from the world of Skyrim into Hindi. This, I thought, would encourage more Indians into the world who have been discouraged because of huge learning curve associated with RPGs. Turned out, typing in hindi is challenging without the google hindi input software. Nonetheless, I feel I liked the formatting that FinalDraft allowed me to come up with. Maybe a github project on translating all Skyrim lore into a screenplay setting with a more readable formatting can be begun. Who knows, it will feel like Shakespeare…



Things I did not hear during Corona Shutdown

  • The Raddiwala shouting out
  • Heavy moving traffic
  • Dogs Barking
  • Soft rumble of office floor
  • Mechanical silence and beeps of server room
  • More than 3 vehicle horns screaming together
  • Chirruping groups of young friends on streets
  • The building janitor banging her mop against my door
  • The tea stall chit-chat
  • Auto-rickshaw starting
  • Loud whistle of arrogant office guards
  • Echoing sounds of Shopping malls