Another Season

Monsoon of 2019 is upon us. More precisely, it’s the Sravana of Saka 1941. Voluminous bulges of cumulonimbus will steer towards Indian peninsula - quenching lands and rivers, birds and bees, man and animal. Every year, the rains wash away the dust of tropical summer from plains of Ganga. The dried up leaves curling in heat get a divine relief from an unrelenting sun. Every year, Indians pray for a kind and rewarding Monsoon. This year is no different. Especially since the country saw its last monsoon surplus monsoon in 2013.

Monsoon is also the time of bountiful green. I will be visiting Munnar on the western ghats in Kerela. This is my first trip to ‘God’s Own Country’ and it comes after much delay. I am elated about it.

With coming of rain, I wish you all joy and happiness. May the renewal of season, renews our spirits- refreshing the mind for an ever-fresh nature.