Woofing Around

If the title did not make it clear, I should elaborate about my being- I am a highway dog. While reading this, some might find it hard to comprehend the possibility of highway dogs in a world full of thieves, beggars and highway men in whose honour stories and even poetry is written. So I got weary and thought maybe I should take the lead and write myself a prose for my category to read. If you find the individuality of dogs offensive, please don’t proceed.

When I say a highway dog, I use the adjective to distinguish myself from the other class of dogs that loiter earth and have been disdained by the euphuism ‘street dog’. I had a different upbringing and live in very different surroundings than the other sect which relieves me from the paranoia of strangers that affect the ‘street’ dogs. On a highway- everyone is a stranger. Also a lack of company means I am obliged to none to serve with loyalty (except for the gang of course, you always have to keep with your gang). Food is a constant struggle to fight for here as without any helping human hand we have to find smaller, weaker and slower animals to feed us. I am thinking of going  vegetarian though,  all this killing is breaking me down from within.

Someday, I will tell you about how life came to be like this for me and how the only life better than this, as far as I can see, could be that of a ‘lake-side dog’ who have the freedom of getting wet in the hotter days of the year. But as I am in a good mood for the day, I would rather leave the gloomy things for later. Have a good day ahead- keep sniffing!

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