Family Time

What is it about being about a father that forces you to be a goofy and stupid guy that tells silly old jokes to his kids and forgets household chores and watches comedy shows on TV. Is it that the media enforces it on you? Or that the responsibility of fatherhood brings these traits along? Or maybe guys are just born that way?  With the relative experience of life that I have, I am pretty sure that the last option is not really the answer. I have come across a huge number of guys who would rather die as disciplined punctual bitches than live life easy- in other words, they are really driven.

My guess is that the burden of a family brings out the goofiness in you. After an age, you can’t be goofy around town(though that is certainly not true about my father).  So you see an escape in your family, a helpless audience to your poems and jokes and board-games. The purpose, of course, is to keep them happy- but also to help you connect with yourself. The same goes with motherhood as well. Rumors afloat that women are not the best friends you can have, yet when you see any family- 4 out of 5 times the mother is the secret-keeper of her kids and much more for her husband. Probably parenthood slows you down so you can see yourself for who you really are. Must make you want to run away  🙂


PS- This train of thought struck me which watching Rick and Morty, and Family Guy and The Simpsons which I used to watch earlier.