Spring Breeze

Once again doth the salve wind blow
shaking the forest unperturbed for long.
The leaves have wrinkled shelled in snow,
the silent stars give rise to dawn.

Yonder ignites the lake in sunlit gild
In morning mist placid still
The winter sung a seven seasons song
and on the lake’s surface, ice still forms
This cold ice bridge in passion devours
for across the lake blooms the flower
Hidden from sight of all that pass
It lasted the winter
or has it made the winter last

But now in crimson sprinkles spring
colouring the woods of the defeated king
The snowy tint shades the hue
and wakes to life the colours true
Now the breath feels warm and fresh
bringing cautions of world distressed
Down in distance thaws the lake
the past ambles begin to break.

Then this spring that knocks on door
could fill with life the lives that sore
But then it could be a playful lark
For springs may come and shortly go
And all that is left is colourless snow.

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