Rid of the Rod

A post after long. That’s what happens when we are reminded of the payments due- we try to utilize services which lie dormant for months or years. Maybe bills are not that bad, under such circumstances.

On April 4th , had the surgery for Tibia Nail Removal. It was more than 3 years ago that I met with the bike accident (6th of March 2021). Due to various things that kept coming in life’s course, I could not get the nail removed although the healing was completed in a year. The nail removal was the primary cause that I decided to attend Rahul’s wedding, since then, I would have saved on separate travel time and cost to Kolkata.

The surgery was done by RV. His shift hours and working round the clock have both amazed and astonished me. I wonder how it is humanly possible to do these things. He also facilitated a lot of things which made the hospital paperwork ordeal easier to handle. Although Apollo did bill us > 2L which was disproportionate, I feel. There was pain for the first 2 days with mild fever. I didn’t take much pain killers after the first 2-3 days and have not felt the need for them still. I walked the first few days with partial weight bearing over a stick, but it started feeling comfortable within 4 days, and I was comfortable in putting in weight post that. Exercises were easier to deal with this time, than when the accident happened. No heavy cast to lift up this time. I was also able to fold my leg pretty comfortably.

After 2 weeks, I got the sutures removed at Steel City Hospital in Jamshedpur. There was some wound drainage for 2 days which is continuing today. Hopefully it will stop by tomorrow. This is specific only one of the the suture- the rest have been dry and clean throughout.

Overall, feeling good and comfortable. I did not realize that the constant pain due to implants was so normal for everyone. I feel young people with implants should prefer the removal if there are no underlying complications. It feels a lot more lighter, free and the lack of pinching pain at screws and below the knee which had become a constant in my life.