A time to watch birds

It is placement season and most people in class are occupied with interview preparation. This has made me a bit worried about my own preparedness.

One of the many advantages of pursuing an MBA after a break from work is the pleasures of enjoying your hobbies in peace. The one year at IIM Bangalore has allowed me the luxury of time to explore bird-watching at a live hotspot of diversity. 

E-bird identifies 78 species at the campus. Most of these call the campus home and find a restful island in an increasingly crowded city. We do get many visitors too, though. There have been distant sightings of the Oriole, Monarch and Treepie. Occasionally, the larger of our flying neighbours drop by from nearby lakes-Madiwala, Arekere and Hulimavu. In the distant corners of campus, you may find a Stork, Heron and Ibis brooding on the forest floor- drying itself. 

I am still far from discovering all the species recorded on campus, but I do carry a pair of bins in my bag every class day. I try to get to campus early in the morning so that I can catch a glimpse of them waking up and starting their day just like the students and teachers that surround them.