Pre CDS meetup

This is my first post on the 1 year MBA program on my blog. The classes are expected to start from 9th of March, 2022. Students, batchmates and neighbours have started coming into Ajmera now. Everyone is wanting to reach before the CDS meet on 3rd of March.

I had my first CDS 1 on 1 today at 3 PM with Prof. Ganapathy Sharma and Robin. The CDS (Career Development Services) is a small department that looks into profiles of students and tries to understand their aspirations from the future. This is followed up by filling in the gaps that the student may need to overcome to achieve their goals.

On another note, I would say that pre-MBA months have been filled with lot of scrolling on LinkedIN. I had been oblivious to social media for past 6 years. The only semblance of social media I had was via Whatsapp and Reddit. However, LinkedIN has emerged as my goto application to stalk on old classmates. That’s one thing that has changed.

For myself though, I think I am going to stick to my blog as primary form of communication to the outside world. The short format of Social Media websites and the hoard for approval via likes/dislikes is a bit too much for me. I hope to keep filling this space with all the little things that happen over the year as a memoire of my days at IIM, Bangalore.

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