On Obsessions

Our obsession defines us. The become part of our reality- the rational as well as the unreal, both merged into a moving picture dancing around our eyes with short intervals that allow us to see the outside world…. but the intervals are soon over. We grab some pop-corn and come back, occupy our seats with our neighbors and continue with the show.

Night and day, we get consumed by ideas that perhaps had a very week beginning. But that frail start is long forgotten, what has remained is a grandiose castle of dream with pillars of faith surrounding- supporting this mirage. Dreams are indifferent from consciousness, so much so that when you wake up and think about the dream you just had, you long for some more of that intoxicating slumber. You wish to see what happened next. But then, like a drunkard in search for food, just so that he can keep himself alive and have more of his avarice pandered, you move out of bed and continue with the routine you were taught once when you were young- when you were too young to understand that the society around you was forcing drug down your brain.

But now you have seen the world. Now you know it’s all unreal, and all that moves around in world-  a high does of money, power, habits, lechery, everything- is a drunken dance which will be over when the night’s gone. Hark, you have seen it all, you have been to this party before. And today, you are sober-  you know where this leads. You would rather wake up aware than enjoy a hallucination. Good morning.

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